Striving to be the Southeast's best mini Labradoodle breeders, we match ideal forever homes with mini Labradoodle puppies of outstanding health, temperament, and looks. Mini Labradoodle puppies seek to combine the best of Labrador retrievers and Poodles for a non-shedding small dog with a lot of personality. We're proud to be a part of the prestigious Crockett Doodles network--a premier network of family-raised doodle breeders.

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Mini Labradoodles are intelligent, loving, loyal, humorous (sometimes), and highly trainable. Mini Labradoodles tend to be fabulous with kids and other animals. Families who adopt a mini Labradoodle typically don't ever want another dog.

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Most mini Labradoodles are low-to-non-shedding, meaning they are less likely to cause allergies. Even hypoallergenic breeds are not a 100% guarantee of never causing allergies, but they're far less likely to cause allergic reactions.



Mini Labradoodles pack a lot of heart in a really small package. They usually combine the loving affection of a Lab with the brilliant, healthy, and non-shedding poodle. Mini Labradoodles seek to be the "best of both worlds."

Why Mini Labradoodles?


Striving to be the best mini Labradoodle breeders, we've created this website to explain more about our mini Labradoodles. Read to find out more about our family and our first incredible Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppy. We've been overwhelmed with the number of families who wanted to adopt a doodle puppy from us. For years, we've specialized in breeding occasional red Goldendoodle litters and chocolate Labradoodle litters (see We've noticed increasing demand for mini Labradoodle breeders (chocolate, red, cream, and black). This website is focused on mini Labradoodles for those who KNOW they want a mini. Our application and information is more narrowly focused to mini Labradoodles in particular.



Mini Labradoodles for Sale Pricing


Our mini Labradoodle sale pricing is below. We are happy to refund deposits any time for any reason. 

Mini Labradoodle Puppy Pricing

$1,200 Base price (for traditional mini size: 25-40 lbs full grown) 

$1,400 Base price (for petite mini size: 8-25 lbs full grown) 

$100 Additional for female mini Labradoodle

$200 Additional for a puppy during the Christmas season (going home in Dec. or 1st week of Jan.)


$200 Additional for beautiful wavy or curly coat (straight coated mini Labradoodle puppies have a chance of shedding)

  • No extra charge for black, silver, or blue mini Labradoodle

  • $200 Additional for cream, tan, caramel, or apricot mini Labradoodle

  • $300 Additional for chocolate, red, or parti-color mini Labradoodle

  • (All of our puppies are sold as pets with a spay/neuter contract. We reserve the right to adjust the pricing for additional factors, such as very unusual coloring, or tuxedo markings)


  • $100 mini Labradoodle discount for anyone referred by another family who adopted a puppy from us

  • $100 mini Labradoodle discount for pastors, teachers, home school families

  • $100 mini Labradoodle discount for U.S. military, veterans, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers

  • $200 discount for family and personal friends


  • We will clearly announce the pricing for each mini Labradoodle litter in a litter announcement.
  • Example: For a teacher adopting a wavy coated black traditional mini Labradoodle boy,
    • the pricing would be: $1,200 traditional mini Labradoodle base + $200 wavy coat = $1,400 minus $100 teacher discount = $1,300 total.
  • Example: For a firefighter buying a straight coated cream petite mini Labradoodle girl who would max out at 12 pounds,
    • your pricing would be: $1,400 petite mini Labradoodle base + $200 cream color + $100 female = $1,700 minus $100 firefighter discount = $1,600 total.

If you are interested in a miniature Labradoodle puppy please consider filling out the application. Years ago, we'd announce litters to nearly 400 people on an email waiting list. Within the first minute or two, the entire litter would be spoken for, and families who received a doodle puppy felt like they'd won the lottery. Since then, we've developed a thorough application process, seeking the very best mini Labradoodle forever homes. 

Please do not place a mini Labradoodle deposit unless your doodle application is accepted. We seek to fairly and thoroughly evaluate each miniature Labradoodle application within 4-5 business days at which point we let you know the answer for your mini Labradoodle application: "yes," "no," or "wait." Presently we're able to accept deposits from almost one-third of applications, so your chances for acceptance are decent. 

Your mini Labradoodle application does NOT obligate you to give a deposit or adopt a mini Labradoodle puppy. The mini Labradoodle application is simply your first step to express a level of interest in getting a mini Labradoodle puppy. For those applications that receive a "yes," response, the family is able to place a fully refundable $300 deposit, which would later apply to the mini Labradoodle puppy adoption fee. After giving a deposit, your family would receive mini Labradoodle litter announcements in an effort to match you with the perfect miniature Labradoodle. Each adopting family has the option to pass on as many Labradoodle litters as they want until finding the perfect doodle puppy.


Seeking to be the best mini Labradoodle breeders, we refund doodle deposits any time for any reason. It doesn't make sense to us why nearly every other mini Labradoodle breeder requires non-refundable deposits. We have FAR more demand than supply for our mini Labradoodles. Your application helps us determine if your family would make an excellent forever home to one of our precious mini Labradoodle puppies. If you're an ideal candidate, the $300 deposit tells us that you're serious about getting a puppy from a great mini labradoodle breeder. We have no desire to keep a family's mini Labradoodle deposit if they've located a mini doodle with another breeder or if they've chosen not to get a mini Labradoodle at all.



Thank you!


We've tried to keep our mini Labradoodle website brief, visual, and to the point. Thanks for reading this far. Located in Greenville, SC, we strive to be the best mini Labradoodle breeders. Although we love our mini Labradoodles, we realize Doodles aren't the right choice for everyone. Click here to apply for a mini Labradoodle puppy.

Through the years we have been incredibly privileged to meet so many wonderful families who are interested in the mini Labradoodles that we love so much. If you're a detail person (like we are), you can find out a lot more about us and our mini Labradoodles at our other website; it's not as streamlined as, but it gives a lot more information about our our family as best Labradoodle breeders.