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Greenville, SC

Mini Labradoodles in Greenville, SC is located in the gorgeous city of Greenville, SC. Families who adopt a mini Labradoodle puppy for sale have a reasonable drive from Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville, Columbia, Charleston, Hilton Head, Atlanta, Athens, Knoxville, Virginia, and parts of Alabama.
Chocolate Mini Labradoodle
We also have mini Labradoodle families make the several hour drive from Jacksonville, Nashville, Greensboro, Richmond, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Boston, Palm Beach (Florida), and Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, or Connecticut. Occasionally a mini Labradoodle family flies in from Arizona, California, Washington, or Oregon, and flies back with their mini Labradoodle puppy in the passenger compartment with them.
Black Mini Labradoodle
Located on the beautiful Paris Mountain, our mini Labradoodles are family raised in a great environment. We never ship mini Labradoodle puppies as we feel that provides a terrible start. We do occasionally hand deliver mini Labradoodle puppies for a fee.

If you choose to feed your puppy either Health Extension or TLC for a full three years, we will extend our excellent 1-Year Health Guarantee to an outstanding 3 years.

NOTE: Before purchasing food for your puppy, confirm which food they are currently eating. Switching foods abruptly can upset your puppy’s tummy.

Health Extension Dog Food - Holistic Puppy Food

Ensuring your dog consumes high-quality food is crucial for their overall health and growth. Quality nutrition enhances digestive health, promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin, fortifies the immune system, supports joint health, boosts cognitive functions, and maintains heart health. Health Extension offers a range of flavors, formulations, and sizes to suit your puppy’s tastes.

TLC Dog Food
We recommend TLC Pet Food due to its balanced formula, which includes quality meats, animal fats, vitamins, and minerals. This food supports the healthy growth of your puppy’s hips and joints, skin, and coat as well as enhancing digestion and preventing disease and inflammation. Plus, TLC Pet Food offers free delivery of fresh food right to your doorstep.
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